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A bar of handmade soap.

Soap is a substance used for cleaning and washing objects or people. It is water-solubile but also dissolves and loosens fat (and oil) molecules that are stuck to a surface, which is where the cleaning properties of soap combined with water come from.

Soap comes in solid and liquid form, in practically any color and often perfumed. Soap and water forms a foam called lather. Shampoo is a type of soap used for washing one's hair.

Soap has a bad taste. This is one of the reasons why mouthsoaping is used as a punishment. Soap also irritates the eye and is very painful if it accidentally gets in your eye, which can easily happen when shampooing.

Warm/hot water combined with soap is used for bathing, showering and sometimes for enemas.

Saddle soap is a type of soap used in leather care to make leather nice and supple.

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