Spencer Spanking Plan

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The Spencer Spanking Plan is a model domestic discipline agreement, written up and published by Dorothy Spencer, originally in the late 1920s. It provided for advance consent to spankings for agreed upon "causes" -- that is, for violations of agreed rules. It also provided for "request spankings" in which either party might request a spanking of the other at any time. Each party agreed in advance to honor such requests without question.

One significant feature of the plan is that both the husband and the wife were to draw up a list of "causes", and on a violation, each was to have the agreed upon authority to spank the other. All earned spankings were supposed to be submitted to instantly, without argument or complaint.

Another significant feature is that the plan provided that women were only to be subject to hand spankings, while men were to be subject to a paddling, a strapping, or both. This was apparently intended to counteract the perceived greater strength of men and greater fragility of women, and perhaps to avoid any impression of wife beating.

Authenticity (or lack thereof)

Information as to the publisher or location is missing. No record exists of the Spencer Spanking Plan in a search of several databases for primary source material. Please see the talk page.

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