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Yeah, some of this stuff has the potential to be squicky. Squick means just what it sounds like: the person who is squicked reads something and feels 'icky'--uncomfortable. Hey, we're all squicked by something, so if you think you might be squicked by any of my stuff, I'd suggest you avoid it...
  Czar Nikky

The slang term squick refers to a reaction of feeling uncomfortable, sick or disgusted, but without necessarily declaring the cause wrong. It is much more polite to call a work "squicky" than to call it "disgusting" because "squicky" is much less pejorative: the term acknowledges that others may not necessarily find it disturbing, and may in fact love it.

The term is said to originate from the usenet newsgroup alt.tasteless in 1994, and has since been co-oped into the BDSM and other communities.


  1. Onomatopoeia. The sound of a skull being fucked.
  2. Noun. The reaction you feel upon hearing the first definition.
  3. Verb, transitive. To cause someone to have this reaction.
  4. Verb, intransitive. To experience this reaction.


  1. Adjective, based on the noun.

According to another etymology, squicky is derived from the words "squeamish" and "icky".

Whenever a story, picture or video is called "squicky", be warned: it may be really material that is disturbing, upsetting or disgusting. But of course, any such assessment is always subjective.

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