Sue Ellis

Sue Ellis is a British spanking actress, active in the 1980s and 1990s. A tall pale-skinned blonde with long hair, often a fringe, and an accent that located her origins in northeast England, she worked chiefly for Kane, playing spankee and switch roles. Credits occasionally listed her as Susan Ellis or Susan Durham.

Sue posed as a glamour model for several British top-shelf magazines in the early 1980s. Rustler called her Diana Goodbody; Whitehouse once introduced her as Anita Lundstrom from Sweden. She also made appearances in such German sex magazines as Private and Frivol.

Her involvement in spanking erotica dates from 1983-84, probably starting with the photo-set that illustrated Phoenix 26. She made her debut in Kane in a photo-story entitled ‘Taken for a Ride’ in issue 20; its cover showed her ascending stairs in a white mini-skirt followed by a man with a cane. The enthusiastic reaction of readers ensured that she made many re-appearances over the next seventeen years: ‘Kane Magazine had found its First Lady’.[1]

Harrison Marks cast Sue Ellis in seven Kane spanking videos, not counting films of Live Events. By height, build, and age, she was ill-suited to schoolgirl roles and rarely played them. She excelled in the portrayal of confident mature women who found themselves in situations where accepting a spanking seemed the better option. Her character is typically not naive and suspects that her punisher (whatever he might say) has erotic motives for beating her bottom. In two of her most celebrated films, The Ultimate Chastisement of Mandy Bait and The Beak, the Mistress, and the Schoolgirls, she plays a teacher taken to task by the headmaster.

Her spontaneity and good humour made her a very popular performer at the Kane Live Events, spanking cabarets organised in London in the 1990s.

Sue Ellis’s retirement from the spanking scene was announced in Kane 86 in 2001.


Films listed in approximate order of release:-

  • Spanking Salesman (c.1984), as Julie
  • The Ultimate Chastisement of Mandy Bait (Kane c.1984), as Miss Williams
    • US title: Mandy Bates
  • Girls in Trouble (Kane), as Sue Ellis, with Kathleen Astley
  • The Caning Club (Kane), as Sue Ellis, with Larry Barnes
  • Six Days a Week (Kane 1989), as Sue Ellis, with Toni, Tim, & Eric Muldoon
  • Derriere Dynamite (Kane Live Event 1991), as school matron, with Larry Barnes
  • Hot Cross Bum! (Kane Live Event), as schoolgirl, with Julie Webster & Gillian Taylor
  • Slap, Crackle & Hop (Kane Live Event)
  • The Beak, the Mistress, and the Schoolgirls (Kane 1994), as Miss Barrington-Clitte, with Brandi, Sam Johnson, and Tim
    • US title: Naughty Schoolgirls’ Revenge
  • Uncle Silas’ Bequest (Kane 1997)
  • George’s Gullible Girls (Kane 1998), as Marianne, with Kelly Hearn & Lorraine Ansell
    • US title: Whipped to Perfection
  • A Spanking in the Spring (Kane Live Event 1999), with Lesley Saye
  • Six Sore Sit-upons (Kane Live Event 1999), with Lesley Saye, Brandi, & Zoe Rose
  • Sister Act (Part 2) with Mummy (Red Stripe 2000), as Margaret
  • A Whacking in a Winter Wonderland (Kane Live Event 2000), as a maid, with Larry Barnes
  • Six Burning Bottoms (Kane Live Event 2000), as Miss Williams, with Sam Johnson, Sara Benachour, & Larry Barnes
  • A Live Caning Cabaret (Kane Live Event 2000), as a nursing sister, with Sara Benachour & Brandi
  • Bare Bottomed, Caned & Shamed (Kane Live Event 2001), as a maid, with Noel
  • Spanked in Front of a Live Audience (Kane Live Event 2001), as a schoolgirl, with Sarah Harvey Lewis & Jay

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