Pencil portrait of fetish star Kailee Robinson, (2012).

This is the User Page for Jameslovebirch. The alias was chosen as an homage to James Lovebirch (pseudonym used by one or more authors of vintage S&M novels).


Schoolgirl gets slammed with a thick fraternity paddle ("Final Exam").

Artist, writer, editor, and occasional director-writer-producer-performer-film editor of corporal punishment fetish films.

More specifically, a Sunday painter with a Fine Arts degree; a writer of original semi-scholarly articles published online without credit or remuneration (what's up with that?); sometime book and magazine editor for publishers who invariably go out of business (through no fault of mine); and maker of spanking videos that may someday evolve into an actual vocation.

Currently residing at an undisclosed location along the coast of New England.


Retrieving a riding crop. (Vidcap from "Punished Schoolgirl", my first video.)

For The Spanking Art Wiki, have created the following articles: The History of spanking in film (my magnum opus), Fraternity and sorority spanking, Women in Prison films, Venus in Furs, Nazi exploitation, Irving Klaw, Yva Richard, Ostra Studio, Doggie training, Biederer Studio, The Notorious Bettie Page, Olga's House of Shame, The Defilers, Ashley Renee, London Enterprises, House of Milan, ZFX Productions, B&D Pleasures, Bon-Vue Enterprises, Jacqueline Omerta, Charles Sackville, Sharon Mitchell, Kiri Kelly, Slaves in Bondage, GwenMedia, Slaves in Cages and many more.

Contributions: Have made major additions, in some cases complete rewrites, to these pages: Sexploitation film (another huge article), Victorian era, Edwardian era, Early 20th century French spanking literature, Spanking in mainstream films, Spanking on television, Pony play, Bettie Page, Lupus Pictures, Spanking video, Dominatrix, Nu-West/Leda Productions, Raven Hill Studios, Pacific Force, Spanking in photography, Cheerleader, Maid, Gia Regency, French maid, Belinda Clark, et al.

Wikipedia articlesEdit

Sketch inspired by '60s magazine Silk Stocking Spankers (2012).

For no good reason, have generously and anonymously written a good deal for Wikipedia (seriously, what's up with that?). Have composed most of the text for these categories: Mystery film (my other magnum opus), Sadism and masochism in fiction, BDSM in culture and media, Irving Klaw, Bettie Page, List of dominatrices in popular culture, Clothing fetish, Women in prison film, Nazi exploitation, Bettie Page: Dark Angel, Ed Wood, Maila Nurmi (aka Vampira), Nudity in film, Cassandra Peterson (aka Elvira), American International Pictures, George Weiss, Michael Findlay, Outlaw biker film, Route 66 (TV series), Honey West, et al.

Probably won't write any more lengthy pieces for Wikipedia. Too many fussy, ham-handed editors who delete large chunks of valid information out of ignorance. Also, every writer who cares is obliged to stand guard over their work. Wikipedia is plagued by semi-literate cretins who muck up articles with inane or irrelevant contributions. Happily, this is not the case at Spanking Art.

CP film reviewsEdit

At the Consumer's Spanking Video News & Reviews site, have written reviews for these videos (as guest reviewer "JBI"):

Lupus Pictures: Red Reformatory: Old Friends, My Unfair Lady, The Girl Next Door, The Noise (3rd review), Tales from the Sin District: The Cathouse, The Hidden Camera 2: The Client.

Mood Pictures: Dark Room: Volume 2

Raven Hill Studios: Spankin' Down The Highway, parts 3 & 4 (aka Louisiana Lickin's At Mardi Gras). This review is notable for exposing an elaborate hoax. This is promoted as a reality video with random party girls picked up on Bourbon Street during Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Closer examination reveals that it was all staged using stock Mardi Gras footage and a professional fetish model. An interesting read; see the review at the website.

Currently writing in-depth essays and reviews on vintage horror, science fiction, and other film genres for various mainstream movie magazines as well as underground fanzines (a.k.a. 'zines).

Making corporal punishment videosEdit

Scene from "Final Exam". The hairbrush is a "must" in my videos.
Schoolgirl with pencil gag gets paddled again in "Final Exam".

So far have filmed two videos (as Sting-Ray Productions, [email protected]). These are Punished Schoolgirl and Final Exam. Both are M/F (guess who plays M) and feature first-time-on-camera performers.

Just getting started, and have a ways to go, but the goal is to make films that avoid the mistakes made by the other video companies. This includes CP scenes that are too talky, too short, too soft, slowly paced or spoiled by pauses for dopey dialog or too many face closeups. Also want to feature mostly hard implements: wood hairbrush and paddles, heavy floggers, thick switches and birch rods. Have no interest in remaking the same caning video over and over like everyone else.

For example, in Punished Schoolgirl the titular student first crawls through the snow with a riding crop in her teeth: jump-cut to an OTK hand, hairbrush and paddle warmup. Cut to her bound and kneeling for 140 cracks with a hairbrush and rubbing with a thick cylinder of ice. Then, naked and bound to a low table, she gets over 100 strokes with a sassafras birch, a clump of pine tree branches and a bunch of thistles, a braided cat-'o-nine-tails, and a long session with two wood paddles. She ends up as a human footstool. No pauses, dialog, filler or boring extraneous scenes.

Final Exam uses a brisk story montage: schoolgirl takes test, flunks, sits on stool with dunce cap, and crawls back into class as the teacher whacks her with a carpet beater. Then a hand, hairbrush, and ruler smacking, and pervertible implements: clear plastic clipboard and giant smash-ball paddle. A non-stop barrage of wood paddles, a switch, knobby cane, thick birch, and heavy sorority paddle provides the rest of the action. The local girl I used was so sweet and adorable. A real doll. I was amazed at the beatings she took without complaint.

Future projects are slated for more elaborate domestic and school scenarios about cheerleaders, French maids, WWII prisoners, white slavery, homages to Bettie Page and Secretary and, of course, more uniformed schoolgirls in trouble.

Video clips at Spanking TubeEdit

One of the many harsh paddling scenes from "Final Exam".

You can watch some preview montages at the Spanking Tube website by clicking on the links provided below.

Art, literature and filmEdit

Pencil portrait of fetish actress and author Niki Flynn (2012).

Have a BFA in painting and recently started doing portrait sketches and CP-related artwork exclusively for this site. The goal here is to create a series of small works (8 x 10" or smaller) so that each can be knocked out in a few hours and fit onto a scanner for conversion into a jpeg image.

I buy, sell, and trade with other collectors of unusual items; some books but mostly movies. Film and all areas of film history (from classics to campy schlock) are subjects of great interest. Besides fetish videos, I collect '60s sexploitation, women-in-prison, vintage horror, etc. Am searching for other underground fetish film loops made before (or during) the '50s era of Irving Klaw and Bettie Page.

Literature: Have read a few Victorian and Edwardian era CP/erotica novels like "Beauty in the Birch" and "A Man with a Maid". Hope to finished a half-written novel in that genre someday. Looking for others such as: "The Yellow Room", "Three Chapters in the Life of Mr. Howard" by Charles Sackville, "The Discipline of Odette", "Woman and Her Master" (1904), and "Esclaves Modernes" (1910) by Jean de Virgans.

Am always open to suggestions and recommendations from fellow collectors and those interested in my CP video productions.

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