MisTique is a webmaster from the Netherlands who dedicates a lot of her time in providing unique art projects, mainly dedicated to vintage (fetish) art and photography. She also tries to support artists in sharing their arts on some of her other art projects.

Her vintage art projects are dedicated to sharing art and knowledge of forgotten artists and photographers. As much as possible she collects art, connects them to the proper artist, sometimes even to the books they were illustrated for and she enhances art and photos to provide high quality art (as much as can be expected from artwork made between 1880 and 1960 and digitized over the last ten years).

Currently she has several projects running, here is a small list of them, all projects show info and previews of art for free. Some projects offer a member subscription to view all art and/or in larger formats.

Art sitesEdit

  • Vintage Visions (renamed "Vintage Fetish Art" in 2016) - online since 2007, this site offers a great art legacy from forgotten artists. Site offers free content as well as member content.
  • Spanking Art Archives - a spanking art blog, and its follow-up, the Spanking Art Blog. This blog is dedicated to Spanking Art (mainly Vintage). Free site
  • Bondage Artworks - A new blog dedicated to modern and vintage bondage art

Photos sitesEdit

  • Vintage Fetish & Fashion - this site is online since 2013 and is dedicated to vintage spanking photographs and artworks. Free site
  • Secrets Bdsm Art Gallery - this site is online since 2001. It is site showing the sensual aspects of BDSM, bondage and some spanking artworks and photographs from many different artists and photographers. The main goal of this site is to provide a free platform for artists and allow visitors to view art for free and be able to learn more about the artist. Free site
  • Biederer Studio - this site is online since 2019 and is a tribute to the photographers Jacques and Charles Biederer.


  • MisTique's Art - in 2021 a monthly magazine was published. The magazine is dedicated to vintage bdsm art and photography.