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Zimbabwe is a country in southern Africa. As Rhodesia (previously southern Rhodesia) it was part of the British empire.

Spanking in Zimbabwe

School caning

School corporal punishment is lawful in Zimbabwe, for boys only. National rules stipulate that it is to be applied to the offender's buttocks with a light cane.

British-style boys' boarding schools where caning continues to be prevalent include Falcon College, Peterhouse, and St George's School.

At Falcon College, caning is referred to as "beating" and a student who has received six strokes of the cane is described as having been "beaten six".

At Peterhouse School, strokes of the cane are called "cuts" and may be administered by the Rector, Senior Master and Housemasters. Routine canings are usually provided by the housemasters. The punishment is applied to the seat of the boy's trousers as he stands facing a wall. Prefects no longer have the right to cane younger boys.

Judicial caning

Judicial caning on the bare buttocks is available to the courts as a penalty for male juveniles aged under 18 for various offences. The court stipulates who is to deliver the caning. It may be "an experienced designated member of the police force", or the youth may be sent to a prison or reformatory to receive his punishment.[1]

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