3D Figure Drawing Part 3

Drawing a head in three-quarter viewEdit

Begin by defining a ball for the top the head - draw a circle and add a vertical surface line to mark the direction in which the head is facing. Then add the horizontal eye line - for most characters, 2/3 down the sphere is a good location for the eye line. Draw lightly.

The face protudes from the sphere, to the front and down. It is helpful to draw a continuation of the vertical surface line that shows this protrusion. In three-quarter view, the far cheekline starts at an angle parallel to the bridge of the nose (where the cheekbone is), then curves down to meet the chin. The exact curve of the cheekline depends on your character, the angle and the mouth shape. It can be convex, concave, or concave-convex-concave.

The eyes are in their cavities on the eye line; the eyebrows are above it. The mouth is located approximately 1/3 between the bottom of the nose and the bottom of the chin. The mouthline, like the eyebrows, nostrils etc, is parallel to the eye line. The ear is on the side of the head and extends vertically from eye or eyebrow height to upper lip height, approximately.


Finally add the hair line, the hair and refine all lines until you are happy with them. Erase 'wrong' lines and construction lines that are no longer needed.