Adele Haze

Adele Haze is a young spanking actress and spanking model. In her videos, she alternates between playing top and bottom roles, including Femdom features. She is originally from the Ukraine but now lives in the UK. She also writes a popular blog about her experiences as a spanking model.

Spanking videosEdit

Adele has worked for various spanking movie companies, notably Northern Spanking in England, starring in films such as To Cane a Mocking Goth, The Naughtiest Girl and Lessons in Latin. She has also worked with Bars and Stripes, alongside actresses Leia-Ann Woods and Niki Flynn.

At Lupus Pictures in Prague, she appeared in Garden Party, a period-piece set in the 1900s where she played a maid who is caned and whipped with a sjambok. She and Niki Flynn performed together once more as prisoners in Red Reformatory: Old Friends.

More recently, she has been working as a writer and performer for Dreams of Spanking, a spanking video producer in England created by actress Pandora Blake. She plays a punished spankee role in The Smugglers of the Running Fox, The Secret to Success, and A Taste of Her Belt.

She also plays a dominant spanker (featuring F/F pairings) in Mrs Smith's Method (2017), a Victorian era fantasy, The Morpheus Club: Adele and Jimmy, and The Secret in the Wardrobe, and has starred in two male-submissive (F/M) videos, Primae Noctis and Her Ladyship's Breakfast.


Her blog, Adele Haze’s Spanking Model Speaks, features the “Pillow Talk” series of interviews with other well-known spanking models, as well as photographs from Ms Haze’s photoshoots, movies and real-life spanking play. The blog is noted for its sometimes forthright opinions about the spanking industry.

Haze has also contributed to the online spanking journal Wellred Weekly.

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