Adriana Evans

Adriana Evans (born June 23, 1986) is a spanking actress and model. She is originally from Brazil but has resided in the United States for several years. During 2018 she relocated from Philadelphia to Los Angeles.

She list fellow actress and frequent co-star Alex Reynolds as her girlfriend and uses the identifiers "lilblubunny" and "badlilblubunny". Previously she was in relationship with spanking actor Dominic King and wore an eternity collar to symbolize their relationship. She identifies as a diaper lover and has appeared in several videos based on infantilism.

Acting careerEdit

Evans has worked for numerous spanking sites and spanking video producers, including Sarah Gregory Spanking, Momma Spankings, Northern Spanking,, Diapered Online, Cheerleader Spankings, My Spanking Roommate, Dallas Spanks Hard, Shadow Lane, Delco Video Productions, et al. In the majority of her videos she is a submissive bottom, but also plays a disciplinarian on occasion.

Evans has performed with many popular fetish stars including Amelia Jane Rutherford, Stevie Rose, Kiki Cali, Dana Specht, Sarah Gregory, and Maddy Marks.

Spanking videosEdit

  • Fireworks Fiasco (Delco Video Productions), photos

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