Agonophilia (from Ancient Greek "ἀγωνία" agōnía ("contest") and "φιλία" philía ("love")) is a paraphilia or sexual fetish about struggling, fighting, or resisting before being overpowered.

Agonophiles may be interested in topics such as combat, wrestling, and physical fighting and nonconsensuality in general. They may enjoy reading about, viewing images of, watching in film, and/or roleplaying such scenes. In sexuality, (pretended) struggling and resistance can be part of a foreplay to BDSM play or sexual intercourse. (Pretended) paraphilic rape is also known as biastophilia (from Greek "βιασμός" biasmós ("rape")).

Similar to sadomasochism, both the top (overpowering) and the bottom (struggling, being overpowered) partner can be agonophile.

In spankingEdit

M/F spanking drawing by Andrew Wolkoff (2012).

In (erotic) spanking play, a spankee who's playing a "brat" will often not cooperate, struggle, or try other physical (or verbal) means to escape from, or to end, their punishment. The play thus may include running away and being caught, being carried (with force) or frog-marched to their fate. It may also include excessinve squirming and kicking while being spanked, such that further measures may need to be taken, possibly including bondage.

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