Tips on caning the buttocks.
The effects of widely varying aim.

It is important to have good aim when administering corporal punishment, especially when an implement, such as a cane or whip, is used. Assuming that the buttocks are the target, there are certain areas that should be avoided.

The buttocks are fleshy, as they are composed of the gluteus maximus muscles, so they can minimize deep tissue damage, and are as such, ideal for receiving corporal punishment.

Tips on aiming in caningEdit

  • Avoid hitting too high. Aim no higher than about an inch below the top of the "crack" or cleft between the buttocks. The back is not as well padded as the bottom and there is a risk of damaging delicate organs and/or the spine.
  • Taking a caning on the back of the legs is a personal preference. Generally, it is best to aim no lower than about an inch above the fold (the sulcus) below the buttocks.
  • Do not stand too close to the recipient. As a stroke is delivered, it is natural for the arm to straighten slightly. If the spanker stands too close, the tip of the implement may wrap around and strike the side of the buttocks or the hip bone rather than land squarely on the buttocks.
  • If a flexible implement, such as a cane, is used, the spanker should stand slightly near the shoulders of the recipient so that, on impact, the implement will flex slightly and strike both buttocks equally rather than expending most of its power on the far cheek.
  • Do not aim too low with very flexible implements such as tawses or martinets in case the tails wrap around between the legs and strike very delicate areas. This is especially important if the spankee is male. It is advisable for the spankee to tuck his genitals out of the way and to keep his legs together. Some people prefer to wear a jockstrap for protection.
No-one can be 100% accurate when wielding a flexible implement such as a cane and the odd stroke will inevitable go astray. What is important is to know where and how you should be aiming and hopefully the above helps.

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