Alexandre Dupouy

Alexandre Dupouy is a French collector of art and erotic photography. He is well-known as a republisher of vintage erotic photography (usually by anonymous photographers), including fetish, BDSM, and spanking photos, in book form.

He also has his own bookshop gallery in Paris, Les Larmes d’Éros.


  • Erotic Art Photography by Alexandre Dupouy, Parkstone Press, ISBN 1859958192
  • Scenes D Interieur by Alexandre Dupouy, Konkursbuchverlag, ISBN 3887690915
  • Scenes Libertines by Alexandre Dupouy, Janssen Verlag, ISBN 3887693175
  • Jules Pascin by Alexandre Dupouy, Parkstone Press, ISBN 1859958796
  • Scenes Orientals by Alexandre Dupouy, Schoenhofsforeign Books, ISBN 3887691237
  • Anthologie de la fessée et de la flagellation by Alexandre Dupouy, La Musardine, ISBN 2842712161
  • Collection privee De Monsieur X by Alexandre Dupouy, Editions Astarte, ASIN B000JQ31JW
  • Yva Richard: L'âge d'or du fétichisme by Alexandre Dupouy, Photo Eye Books Prints, ISBN 2909607038

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