Amber Scott

Amber Scott is a British spanking actress, active in the 1990s, who also worked as a glamour model under the names of Suzy Sleaze, Sharon Tansley, and Amber West. A petite young woman with peroxide blonde hair and blue eyes, she came to prominence in mainstream British men’s magazines such as Escort, Parade, and Men Only in 1990-91. It was Cheap Thrills magazine that first called her Suzy Sleaze, the name by which she is best known in non-spanking erotica.

Around the same time, Amber Scott made her debut as a spanking model. She portrayed a character called Bettina Kellaway in Janus 86 & 87, and also appeared in Uniform Girls and Kane. Video producers then offered her spankee roles that played effectively on her provocative ‘bad girl’ persona.


  • Behind the Curtains, Vol.5 (Strictly English, 1995), with Lucy Bailey & Daisy
  • Blackmailing Brat (Smax Videos)
  • College Classics 5 (Spanking for Pleasure, 1991), as Brown, with Jenny Close
  • Fax & Figures (Strictly English, 1996), as Samantha, with Ivor Gold & Susie
  • Lovers of Discipline (Spanking for Pleasure/Calstar, 1992), as Clarissa
  • Maids in Uniform (Kane, 1992), with Sonja van Kemenade
  • More Punishment Files, Part 1: Classic Canings: Amber’s Punishment (Moonglow, 2011)
    • A short film made in 1993 but not released until 2011.
  • School for Schoolgirls (Kane, c.1991), with Jenny Close & Larry Barnes
    • US title: Schoolgirl Fannies on Fire
  • Tracey Needs Discipline (Spanking for Pleasure), as Tracey, with Christian Fennington
    • US title: Tracey’s Discipline (Calstar)