Amber Wells

Amber Wells (born 1982) is a U.S. spanking actress and co-runs the spanking video production and pay site Punished Brats together with David Pierson. She is often called by her nickname, Pixie.

Pixie describes herself as a "shy girl from a little cow town in Jersey". She has blue eyes and blonde curls and says she has a high pain threshold when it comes to getting spanked. She starred in her first spanking video (spanked by David) in 2005 in a production for Spanking Online.

She has also worked as a spankee for many other spanking video producers including Dallas Spanks Hard, Clare Fonda (Spanked Sweeties, My Spanking Roommate), Chelsea Pfeiffer (Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment, GoodSpankings), Shadow Lane, Firm Hand Spanking, John Ryan and Richard Windsor.

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  • Acting Spoiled (Punished Brats), Amber as bratty actress cast as Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, photos

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