Anal beads

Anal beads.

Anal beads are an anal sex toy. They consist of a series of ball- or ellipsoid-shaped beads arranged on a flexible stick or string.

As the name suggests, anal beads are designed to be inserted in the anus. Usually the beads have different sizes: the first bead is the smallest and the last bead is the biggest. The number of beads ranges from about three to eight. If the beads are smaller, there may be more.

Anal beads are used as a sex toy for masturbation and sexual intercourse, by men and women alike.

Insertion and removalEdit

Anal beads are typically smaller in diameter than butt plugs and therefore easier and less painful to insert. The beads and the anus should be well-lubed with a lubricant before insertion. The lubed beads are pushed in one at a time. To push a bead out again, one presses as if one was having bowel movement, and can optionally support this by gentle pulling. It should however not be attempted to pull out the beads without pressing from inside.

As with any anal play, taking an enema before will make the activity cleaner, less smelly, and more hygienic.

People who use anal beads during masturbation or sex often reach a more intense orgasm when they pull out a bead (or all) at that moment.

If no enema was taken before, there will be often some excrement sticking to the beads when they are removed and it will stink - which is a main reason for taking the enema before.


As soon as possible after use, the anal beads should be washed with warm water and soap. Desinfectants can also be used.

Some people recommend that anal toys never be shared by different people because one person's bowel bacteria, which may in part remain on the toy even after washing, can be harmful for another person. There is also a risk of transmitting other diseases if sex toys are shared.

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