Anal sex

Illustration by Édouard-Henri Avril.
American pornstar Melina Mason, first image of a sequence where she does... uh... it's obvious what happens next.

Anal sex is a sexual activity in which a man's penis is inserted into the partner's anus (rectum). The partner can be female or male.

There are a couple of similarities but also differences to vaginal sexual intercourse. First, the anus is much tighter than a vagina and does not have natural lubrication. For this reason, preparation and training is needed to make anal sex an enjoyable activity for both partners: the receiving partner needs to learn to relax their sphincter to make the insertion possible, safe and painless. A good lubricant, and enough of it, is very important too. The anus will often be fingered (and lubed this way) in preparation of anal sex. For hygienic reasons, an enema may be taken before.

To reduce the danger of sexually transmitted diseases, a condom can be used, but there is a greater risk of breaking than in vaginal sex. The lubricant has to be of a type that is compatible with the material of the condom (usually this means water-based), or the risk of breaking is much increased. Anal and vaginal sex should never be combined due to the risk of infection when feces bacteria get into the vagina.

Anal sex can be performed in different positions, such as "doggy style", "missionary", "spooning", and "receiving partner on top (reverse missionary position)".

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To engage in anal sex with the intention of preserving one's virginity (chiefly by Christian teenagers)
To engage in sex (vaginal, anal, or oral) without using a condom

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