Female ankle.
Woman's legs with panties around her ankles.

The ankle is a joint where the foot and the leg meet.

In preparation for a spanking, dropped trousers, briefs or panties can be bunched around the spankee's ankles. This can look cute and also be useful to prevent kicking.

In the grabbing-ankles position, the spankee is made to grab their ankles while standing and bending over.

In much the same way as the wrist, the ankle is an important point when it comes to restraining a person. Therefore, in bondage a person's ankles are often bound with straps or rope to immobilize their legs. When the spankee is placed on the back, the leg's may be spread and hoisted by ankle restraints. Thus, the spankee's legs form a "V" with the genitals at the intersection, presenting the inside of the thighs for spanking.

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