Anne Proto

Anne Proto is a British spanking actress and model, active in the 1980s. A brunette with shoulder-length hair, often worn pinned up, she worked for Janus, Kane, and Tallion in the first years of the video era. Some American releases of her earliest titles credit her as Zoe Jardine.

At a time when producers often cast glamour models and actresses from mainstream adult films, Proto, by contrast, was a genuine spanking enthusiast. Starting in 1982, she made an anonymous appearance in Janus 13 caning Paula Meadows. In Janus 14, she was "Angela" in a photo-feature entitled "The Master and His Maids". Then she played the role of "Green" in the video The St. Winifred’s Trilogy (Janus, 1982), receiving a tawsing from the head girl and a caning from the headmaster in its second part, The Sixth Formers’ Lesson.

She acted in four spanking films for Kane and appeared three times on the cover of the magazine (Nos. 14, 34, and 48). She also discussed her interest in spanking with Harrison Marks and Paula Meadows in The Kane Interview (1989). There, commenting on the diversity of attitudes found among fetishists, she said:

It’s a very complex thing. Some people think it’s a straightforward punishment and receiving of punishment. I don’t feel like that at all. In fact, for me personally, I don’t like that idea. I feel that, if you are going to submit to somebody, they have to have respect for you.... Humiliation is not for me.

She added that she especially liked Kane because ‘Generally, the stories have happy endings. The men and women want to be in that position’. Although her own fantasies were essentially submissive, she more often played dominant and switch roles. Her last modelling assignment for a spanking magazine was the inaugural issue of Fessée in 1989.


  • The Audition (Kane, c. 1985)
  • College Classics 2 (c. 1988), as the school nurse
  • Father Knows Ms. Best (Tallion, 1986), as Ms. Best, with Larry Barnes
  • Judge for Yourself (c. 1982), as Lady Diana, with Annette Poussin
  • The Kane Assignment (Kane, 1989), as Anne, with Paula Meadows
  • The Kane Interview (Kane, 1989), with Harrison Marks and Paula Meadows
    • Included in Kane Preview Video No.2
  • Five of the Best (Kane, c. 1988), with Jay Sweet, Kathleen Astley, & Larry Barnes
    • US title: Six of the Best
  • The Miscreant (Tallion, 1987), with Penny Wise
  • Problem Girls (Kane, c. 1985), as Miss Pringle
  • The School Reports, as Martha
  • Spare the Rod (c. 1982), with Annette Poussin
  • The St Winifred's Trilogy, Part 2: The Sixth Formers' Lesson (Janus, 1982), as Green
    • She also appears in the background in Parts 1 & 3
  • You’ll Love the Feeling (1983), as Kate, with Paula Meadows