An apron, worn as in the kitchen.

An apron is a garment designed to cover mainly the front of the body, down to at least the thighs of the wearer. Aprons can be decorative (for costumes) or symbolic (as in Fremasonry), but are mainly designed to keep one's underlying clothing clean in the workplace.

Construction and useEdit

Protective aprons are commonly made of a cloth material that is easily laundered or otherwise cleaned.

A waist apron covers the body only from the waist down, whereas a bib apron also covers the upper part of the body. A pinafore is a special kind of apron often worn by girls.

Aprons often have a knot formed in the small of the back or waist and for aprons that also cover the chest, the upper portion may be secured with second knot formed in the back of the neck (sometimes just a cloth loop) or with shoulder straps that go over the back and attach to the apron at waist height.

Aprons are typically worn by cooks, bakers, butchers – and within the food preparation industry as a whole – bar tenders, carpenters, engineers, doctors, scientists, and assembly workers.

Aprons are a key part of many uniforms, including that of a maid, French maid, and waitress.

Aprons in BDSM and fetishismEdit

Aprons are almost exclusively worn in fetish maid (especially French maid) uniforms, and are omnipresent in spanking scenarios – both in roleplay and BDSM/spanking videos – involving any type of maid, nanny, governess, or waitress.

In anime inspired art, an apron will be worn by a mother, even over a work suit, to give the scene a more domestic feel. This is particularly common in the works of Master.

An apron can also be used as a form of humiliating slave training or spanking clothing when the wearer is otherwise nude (see list of videos below). It provides frontal modesty while leaving the buttocks completely exposed. This is especially common in femdom spanking art and videos with a "sissy maid" theme.

Various novelty clothing makers also sell aprons with "Slave", "Kitchen Slave", "Galley Slave", "Man Slave", and "I Love My Master" printed on the front.

Spanking videosEdit

The majority of spanking video producers include titles with apron-wearing maids or French maids, as well as the occasional waitress and Victorian era nanny or governess.

Real Life Spankings, for example, has a Spanked In Uniform division with 18 different series including: The Sexy Maid Cleaning Agency, The Birchwood Inn (both with French maid-type uniforms), and Mike's 50s Diner (featuring old-fashioned waitress outfits).

List of videos with girls being spanked while wearing aprons:

  • April: Domestic Chores (Spanked Coeds)
  • Bridget: Kitchen Duties (Spanked Coeds), photos
  • Brooke: Kitchen Duties (Spanked Coeds), photos
  • Domestic Preemptive Spanking (Spanked At Home)
  • Mila: Kitchen Duties (Spanked Coeds), photos
  • Mila: Preparing Dinner (Spanked Coeds), photos


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