Woman wearing an armbinder of pink satin.

An armbinder is a type of bondage restraint used in BDSM, designed to bind the arms and/or hands to each other or to the body, usually behind the back. It differs from simple handcuffs in that the arms are secured at more than one point along their length.

A version of armbinder that was originally popularized in the artwork of John Willie is called monoglove. This version is a form of elbow bondage as the elbows are tied together touching.

Armbinders are most commonly made of leather, but other materials such as rubber, PVC, canvas, and metal are also used by manufacturers.

Armbinders and spankingEdit

When armbinders are to be used for spanking, the arms need to be tied in front, or if the arms are tied on the back they can be pulled up, forcing them away from the buttocks, as in strappado bondage.

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