Assume the position

Drawing by Simon Kirby.

Assume the position is a command that instructs a person to prepare themselves for receiving corporal punishment on their buttocks by assuming a defined spanking position. The command is typically used for a formalized chastisement, such as a fraternity and sorority spanking with a ritual paddle.

The typical position to assume is bent over, with hands on knees or ankles. The chastisement is usually a caning (such as the classic "six of the best") or a paddling.

This command has been used in films such as Dead Poets' Society, set in a private boys school, Animal House (1978), which depicts a harsh fraternity paddling, and a sorority initiation spanking in the horror-comedy Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-o-Rama (1988).

It is not known how often this phrase is used before real life punishments. Anecdotal evidence suggests the phrase "Bend over" is more common, at least in the UK and the British Commonwealth.

The spanking video producer ATP Studios is an acronym for Assume the Position.