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An autobiography (from the Greek, αὐτός-autos self + βίος-bios life + γράφειν-graphein to write) is a written account of the life of a person written by that person. In other words, it is the story that a person wrote about themselves.

The narrative mode of autobiographies is usually first-person.

Autobiographies and spanking literatureEdit

A lot of autobiographies contain mention of spankings, usually of the protagonist in their childhood. Sometimes it is just a brief mention and sometimes it can be a vivid, detailed memory. An important autobiography of a famous spankophile is Confessions by Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

There are also spanking novels in the style of fictional autobiographies, in which the narrator tells the story of their lives, or of a period of their lives, involving lots of spanking, either as a spankee, a spanker, or both. An example is The Old Rectory.

There are also autobiographies that are somewhere in between fact and (spanking) fiction, such as Edith Kadivec's Bekenntnisse und Erlebnisse.

Some autobiographies have been made into films which include noteable spanking scenes. Examples are Joe the King, based on the director's childhood, and Kådisbellan (The Slingshot).

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