BDSM party

A BDSM playroom.

A BDSM party (also called a play party in the BDSM scene) is a party in which the guests engage not only in the usual party activities — socializing, conversation, food and drinks — but also in BDSM play. BDSM parties can be commercial, semi-commercial or non-commercial, and are typically held either at a person's private home or in a BDSM studio. In either case, there will usually be one or several playrooms equipped with BDSM furniture, toys and accessories. Such parties are usually at night and there is often a buffet dinner included in the admission.

A BDSM party can be open to the public, or by invitation only. Minors are generally strictly forbidden and there will typically be a dresscode. In most cases kinky/fetish clothing/leather/PVC/latex is expected or required. There will also be nudity once people begin to play. There may be a (bed)room set aside that allows couples to play and/or have sex in privacy.

BDSM parties are usually visited, and often also organized, by the same people that also go to munches. In many cases where they are run by the same group it is often required that new members attend a munch first so all can meet in a more neutral setting. Most BDSM parties are open to all genders and sexual orientations. A minority of parties will be homo- or heterosexual only, or only maledom/femsub, or only femdom/malesub.

BDSM parties are in many ways similar to spanking parties. The aspects in which they differ are mainly the dresscode, the kind of play, and the roles played.

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