BDSM studio

Mistress Alex sitting on a rack.
A St. Andrew's Cross.
Vintage photo of pillory and stocks.
Chastisement implements hanging on a wall.

A BDSM studio is a room or set of rooms used by a professional dominant, usually a dominatrix or several dominatrices, that is equipped for this purpose with special furniture and toys for BDSM activities. It is also sometimes called a dungeon, but the term dungeon is more inclusive and can include private rooms or rooms in BDSM clubs set aside for BDSM play.

BDSM studios are locations for commercial BDSM activities, for the training of new professional dominants as well as professional submissives, and sometimes they are also available for hire for private use or as locations for BDSM parties.

BDSM studios are not brothels and sexual services are typically not offered by dominatrices, although sexual stimulation (typically with a "forced" touch such as pegging or milking) can be a form of available play. Clients are typically submissives, but dominant or switch clients may also enjoy play in a BDSM studio with a professional submissive, or a pro-switch.

Historically, one of the first famous BDSM studios was the one of Theresa Berkley in London. Today, there are BDSM studios in practically every major city in the western world.

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Facilities often found in a contemporary BDSM studio:

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