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"This girl has been BAD — now she is SAD", F/f drawing by Drooaygah.

The adjective bad encompasses many negative things, from a simple "not good" to anywhere in the range between naughty and evil, wicked, depraved. It can be applied to things, people, animals, and actions.

In scolding and punishmentEdit

The Bad Grandson - Ο Κακός Εγγονός (1883), painting by Georgios Iakovidis (1853-1932).

When a child is said to "have been bad", they are not called evil, but to have behaved in a bad way. In traditional parenting, it is thought that a scolding and/or a suitable punishment will make them "good" again. While historically it been common to scold with terms like "bad boy" and "bad girl", more recent philosophy has been to avoid that and focus on only calling the behaviour rather than child that (see also "love the sinner, hate the sin")

In spankingEdit

As strongly judgmental and traditional phrases, "bad boy" and "bad girl" are still popular in spanking art, literature, videos and roleplay. When a person wishes to be punished, they will sometimes initiate it by telling their guardian or partner that they "have been bad".

Likewise, "good boy" and "good girl" are popular phrases of praise. These too are used by an authority figure, and by using such a praising phrase they strengthen their dominant role. The same phrases are often used by dog owners ("good dog", "bad dog"), and are also popular in human animal roleplay.

"Bad Boys Get Spanked" is a song by The Pretenders from 1981 (lyrics).

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