Barbie Mel

Barbie Mel is a British spanking actress, active in the late 1990s. With long blonde hair and blue eyes, she usually wore bright lipstick and mascara even when playing schoolgirl roles. Her career was brief, but she made memorable films with five of the leading British spanking video producers of the time.


  • Amateur Spankings Vol.1 (Strictly English)
  • Charity Caning (Spanking for Pleasure/Calstar, 1996), as Sophie Rushton, with Suzi Martell & Michael Dawes
  • Good Girl, Bad Girl (Strictly English), as Melanie
  • Kelly & Jane Discover the Cane (Moonglow, 1998), as Kelly, with Sara Benachour
  • Little Red Apples (Strictly English, 1997) as Wendy, with Tiffany Jones
  • The Magician’s Methods (Spanking for Pleasure), with Larry Barnes
  • The Mark of the Cane (Smax Video)
  • The Pain Clinic (Spanking for Pleasure), as Elsa Larssen, with Jenny Close
    • US title: Doctor of Discipline (Calstar)
  • Paperback Writer (Strictly English, 1997), as Wendy, with Tiffany Jones
  • Strictly Business (Spanking for Pleasure), with Stephanie
    • US title: Dawn at the Office, Part 1 (Calstar)
  • Take Those Off, Put These On (Red Stripe, 1996), as Elaine, with Susie
  • Three Girls in Trouble (Kane, 1997) with Luna Winter, Clarissa Armstrong, & Larry Barnes
  • Winners and Losers (Red Stripe, 1997), as Melinda, with Sarah Harvey Lewis & Miss Brown
  • You Two Again (Red Stripe, 1996), as Kate, with Lucy Bailey & Miss Brown