A double bed.
A child's bunk bed
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A bed is a piece of furniture primarily used or intended for sleeping on, but also commonly used for sexual activities, relaxing, sitting, and reading. A bed is usually placed in a bedroom.

Beds in spankingEdit

The bed is perhaps the most versatile of all household items of spanking furniture.

It is common for a spanker to sit on the edge of a bed before taking the spankee over his or her lap for an OTK spanking. This allows the spankee to be fully supported, while still having most of the benefits of the classic OTK spanking, except that the spankee is not as sharply bent or elevated at the bottom.

It is also common for a spankee to be made to stand and bend over the foot or side of a bed, placing his/her hands on the bed, for a strapping, caning, or paddling. This offers support for the spankee's upper body, while causing the spankee to bend at the waist and present the bottom nicely for the spanking.

The side-of-bed position is another option. Here, the spankee kneels on the floor in front of the side of a bed and places his/her chest, torso, head and/or arms on the bed.

Another spanking position a bed can be used for is the lying position: the spankee simply lies fully on the bed, on his or her stomach. A pillow (or pile of cushions, bolster, or rolled-up blanket) can be put under the spankee's hips to elevate his or her bottom. The spankee can also be made to put his or her hands under the pillow so that they are out of the way, and/or to raise the bottom up even further to present it for the spanking. The spankee's arms and/or legs can be kept together or he/she can be positioned spread-eagled.

A bed can also be used for spankings in the diaper position where it provides an elevated and comfortable base.


Beds in other forms of punishmentEdit

It is also common for a spankee to be "sent to bed" after a spanking, or as an alternate form of punishment. This is a form of restriction not unlike corner time. Like corner time it carries the flavor of a child's punishment, and when applied to an adult, is likely to be in an ageplay context, or else to have added humiliation by treating the adult spankee as a child. This is sometimes done in domestic discipline arrangements. Stronger froms of this involve the delinquent being sent to bed early or sent to bed without supper.

Another punishment is a variation of grounding of being confined to bed for the day.

In BDSM, special beds for bondage are popular, turning the bed into a place of active punishment and/or kinky play. See bondage bed.

Bed related offensesEdit

Hotel Bed Jumping.

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