Belgium, officially the Kingdom of Belgium, is a small but densely populated country in Western Europe. It is a constitutional monarchy and and has a population of about 11 million. The country is linguistically diverse, as its has three official languages - Dutch (spoken by 59% of the population and referred to as Flemish), French (spoken by 40% of the population and referred to as Wallons), and German (spoken by about 1% of the population). Its capital is Brussels. It is ruled by a constitutional monarchy, with King Albert II as the head of state and the Prime Minister as the head of government.

Historically, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg were called the 'Low Countries'. From the end of the Middle Ages (5th-15th century), it was a prosperous center of commerce and culture. Many battles were fought in Belgium between various contending European powers from the 16th century until 1831, when Belgium separated from the Netherlands to become an independent country. Belgium was also a battleground during the two World Wars in the 20th century.

Spanking in BelgiumEdit

A survey in 2007 found that 80% of Belgians feel that parents should be more strict with their children. 55% of the Wallons and 71% of the Flemish feel that "a good spanking" is sometimes necessary.

The difference may be caused by the wording: fessée (French) has the connotations of a full spanking, while billenkoek (Flemish/Dutch) is often understood to mean just a smack on the bottom, which also may be a more symbolic gesture, e.g. to stop a tantrum.

An older survey (of the 1990s) found that nearly 50% of Flemish children had ever had "a good spanking", defined as as spanking of more than two smacks, on the bare bottom, or with use of an instrument.

Belgian spanking artistsEdit

A well-known vintage Belgian spanking artist is Martin van Maële (also known as René Gockinga and A. Van Troizem, 1863? - 1926).

Perhaps the best known Belgian spanking artist was Luc Lafnet (1899-1939), also known by his pseudonyms Jim Black, Viset and Lucas O, who illustrated many spanking novels of his time.

A contemporary Belgian spanking artist is JPC. Waldo is French but lives in Belgium for many years too.

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