Bethany's Woodshed

Bethany's Woodshed is the web's oldest and largest romantic spanking story pay site. All of the stories are on adult women getting spanked: most of the stories are M/F, a few are F/F. They include "both romantic and erotic stories, set in times past, in the future and "right now."" Membership is currently (June 2005) $7.95 for one week, $12.95 per month or $99.95 per year. They also offer combo memberships with the SpankStory Archive and Retrospank.

Bethany's Woodshed was founded in 1998 by Bethany Burke, who had written for CF Publications and other spanking periodicals as far back as the 1980s. It is run by ABCD Webmasters.

The members area of Bethany's Woodshed contains more than 500 stories. Each week 6 stories or chapters of ongoing novels are added. The site also offers a free area with some free stories.

The Best of Bethany's WoodshedEdit

In addition, there is a sister e-book pay site named The Best of Bethany's Woodshed that features full length spanking novels that are no longer available at Bethany's Woodshed. Instead of membership, here you pay individually per download. The novels range in price from $4.95 for a 3-chapter novel to $12.95 for a 12-chapter one.