Bettie Page: Dark Angel

Bettie Page: Dark Angel is a 2004 film directed and produced by Cult Epics founder Nico B.

The film is a direct-to-disc biographical drama based on the career of Bettie Page, a famous American 1950s pin-up and bondage model. Set in New York during 1953-1957, the story recreates six lost fetish/bondage 8 mm stag reels (only still photos remain) she did for Irving Klaw (played by Dukey Flyswatter).

Her many underground film-loops and photographs depicting kinky scenes of bondage, BDSM, female wrestling, and spanking earned her the nickname Dark Angel and also led to a U.S. Senate Committee investigation.

Page is played by fetish model Paige Richards (who has made several BDSM films for GwenMedia). The film premiered at the San Francisco Independent Film Festival in February 2004.

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