Biblio Curiosa

Illustration by Georges Topfer from Récits piquants, chaudes aventures (1920).

Biblio Curiosa (also spelled BiblioCuriosa) is a bilingual wiki (French and English) that is a bibliographic catalogue of erotic, pornographic and curiosa books. It is the personal collection of Mrs Nathalie Quirion, Ph.D. student in French literature, also known by her pseudonym Thanalie.

Founded the 28th of January 2006, this online bibliography of erotic, pornographic and curiosa literature is essentially a complementary tool to existing bibliographies on this subject (Les Livres de l'Enfer of Pascal Pia, the Bibliographie des principaux ouvrages relatifs à l'amour, aux femmes, au mariage of Jules Gay, the two volumes of the Bibliographie des Ouvrages Érotiques of Jean-Pierre Dutel, and many others).

As of 2020, Biblio Curiosa containes over 700 publishers, over 1200 authors and over 1500 titles. It is one of the Web's best resources on the genre of French vintage spanking novels. In addition to works of fiction, you will find essays, anthologies and magazines dealing directly or indirectly with erotism, sexuality, pornography as well as the obscene in artistic, cultural, literary, social or historical fields.

History of the siteEdit

On 31 May 2008, Biblio Curiosa moved from its old URL to its new URL

In 2019, Thanalie's edits on Biblio Curiosa became less and on 22 January 2020 was the last edit, as of January 2021.

Eros-Thanatos (e-books)Edit

In 2008, a selection of vintage French erotic books has been made available as for-pay e-books in PDF format at a French site called Eros-Thanatos.

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