Spanking Slave C. by Billybofh.

Billybofh is Scottish and describes himself as a keen amateur with a love for photography, painting, music and anything creative.

He began photographing "Behind The Scenes" sets of spanking film shoots for websites, providing often thought-provoking images and an interesting expose and personal slant on what goes on when the cameras stop rolling.

His behind the scenes work is commercial erotica stripped of the fake attitudes and plastic pleasures one expects when viewing sexual behavior meant for a mass audience.

Since then he has developed his own personal photographic style exploring not just the spanking genre, but various areas of fetishism as well as the beauty to be found in mundane everyday life. Some times dark, sometimes tongue-in-cheek, but his style is personal and unique.

He is interested in the idea of the mundane, urbane, everyday nature of a lot of "the adult world" and hopes one day to have enough good photographs to put together an exhibition of some kind.