Birch in the Boudoir

Novel illustration: "Die Rute im Schlafzimmer" (Birch in the Boudoir).

Birch in the Boudoir, also known as Beauty in the Birch, is an Edwardian era work of erotic spanking fiction by Jean de Villiot. It was first published by Charles Carrington, probably in Paris in 1905. The name Jean de Villiot is a pseudonym that stands for at least two people, Hugues Rebell and Carrington himself. The above is reprinted from preface of the Grove Press Victorian Library edition and is complete nonsense. The book is by Richard Manton written no earlier than 1984.


Birch in the Boudoir takes the then-popular epistolary format consisting of an exchange of intimate letters, dated 1904, between a 19-year-old English lady, Elizabeth (Lizzie), and a gentleman, about 30 years old, named Charles (Charlie). In the preface, the author assures the reader that Elizabeth and Charles are real and that "the events which this correspondence relates are utterly worthy of belief."

In the first three letters, Charles tells Elizabeth about his erotic experiences at the fictional Greystones Female Reformatory on the Sussex coast of England. In the last two letters, Elizabeth tells Charles about her experiences in an Arabian harem as a guest of the Pasha of Ramallah.


  1. Charles - First letter
  2. Charles - Second letter
  3. Charles - Third letter
  4. Elizabeth - First Letter
  5. Elizabeth - Second Letter

About the workEdit

The work is an early example of explicit erotic fiction — scandalously explicit for the era it was published ( it is explicit because it is not genuine) — combining sexual activities (masturbation, vaginal, anal and oral sex) and (mostly nonconsensual) adult femsub flagellation and bondage. When Birch in the Boudoir was published, it was one of a handful of works in this genre, and possibly the most sexually explicit. (See the articles spanking novel and Victorian era for an overview of other early publications.)

"Birch in the Boudoir" was a European expression in those days referring to erotic spanking and flagellation, comparable to the expressions "the English Vice", "to be a lover of the rod", or "to be fond of the pleasures of the rod". Today one would say BDSM, erotic flagellation or spankophilia.

The work was reprinted in 1989 by Blue Moon Books under the title Beauty in the Birch.

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