Bit gag

A black leather bit gag
A ponygirl slave with rubber bit gag.

A bit gag (sometimes also spelled bit-gag or bitgag) is a form of gag commonly used in BDSM. A bit gag works by pressing a horizontal bar (made of rubber, leather, wood or metal) behind the teeth of the subject. A harness or straps are then used to secure the bit gag in place, making it impossible for the subject to remove. Unlike many gags, a bit gag is not manufactured for the sole purpose of keeping the subject quiet.

The gag does not truly intrude on the subject's mouth, however, as the tongue is left relatively free to move about, and the throat can make many noises. Hence, a bit gag's purpose is often not to keep the subject entirely silent, but as part of roleplay.

Bit gags are commonly worn by horses, so the humiliation of being a human forced to wear a gag normally reserved for animals is often very effective. A bit gag is a useful prop in pony training of a submissive. It is less commonly used in spanking, often because it is harder to obtain, and less effective at keeping a subject silent.


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