BitterSweet Pictures

BitterSweet Pictures was a pay site of the artist Barbara O'Toole. It featured F/M femdom drawings - adult men getting treated by dominant women as if they were little boys in need of maternal care, discipline and punishment (ageplay). BitterSweet Pictures also focused on the petticoat punishment genre (forced cross-dressing and humiliation).

The site's members area featured:

  • three galleries with four images each
  • a 'sketchbook' (six images)
  • 'surprises' (six images by other artists, e.g. Curtus)
  • an archive of older images by Barbara O'Toole.

Some of the images were not drawings but retouched photos. Membership costed $10 for 30 days. The site went down in March 2011 or before.

(Ex-)members of BitterSweet Pictures complained in January and April 2008 that the site was "never" updated, that Barb did not reply to contact attempts, and that it was difficult to unsubscribe from the site. According to Spankart, the site was in fact updated every once in a while - there had been at least two updates between 2005 and 2007. It is unknown whether there were any updates since 2007.