Blue Moon Books

Paperback reprint of "Frank" and I by Blue Moon Books, Inc., 1993.

Blue Moon Books, Inc. is a New York based publisher of erotic novels, especially of BDSM and spanking fiction. In 1986, Barney Rosset, former chief of Grove Press, started Blue Moon as a publisher of paperback erotica. Since 1987, the house has published reprints of classics from the Victorian and Edwardian era such as Venus School-Mistress, Or, Birchen Sports, The Merry Order of St. Bridget, The Yellow Room, "Frank" and I, Birch in the Boudoir (retitled as Beauty in the Birch), A Man with a Maid, the famous 1954 novel Story of O, as well as contemporary works by authors such as Richard Manton and Don Winslow.

Eve Howard, co-founder of Shadow Lane, a company that produces spanking videos, published her Shadow Lane book through Blue Moon as well. The book is a collection of spanking-related short stories.

"James Jennings" seems to be a publisher pseudonym used by Blue Moon Books for works by various authors.

Blue Moon Books is, or was, an imprint of Avalon Publishing Group which was acquired by Perseus Books Group.

Selected worksEdit

  • An English Education by P.N. Dedeaux
  • An English Odyssey by Alix Mata
  • Beauty in the Birch (1905, reprinted 1989) by Anonymous (Jean de Villiot)
  • Beatrice by Edward Delaunay
  • Birch Fever (1994) by Martin Pyx
  • Blue Tango by Daniel Vian
  • Blue Velvet by Anonymous
  • Bombay Bound by Richard Manton
  • The Captive by Anonymous
  • The Captive II by Anonymous
  • The Captive III (1993) by Anonymous
  • The Correct Sadist by Terrence Sellers
  • Elaine Cox by Richard Manton
  • Eros: The Meaning of My Life by Edith Kadivec (here spelled "Cadivec")
  • Images of Ironwood by Don Winslow
  • Ironwood (1988) by Don Winslow
  • Ironwood II by Don Winslow
  • Ironwood III by Don Winslow
  • Ironwood IV by Don Winslow
  • Ironwood Revisited by Don Winslow
  • My Secret Life by Anonymous
  • The Odalisque by Richard Manton
  • Our Scene (1989) by Wilma Kauffmen
  • The Oxford Girl by Anonymous
  • Pleasure Beach by Richard Manton
  • The Prussian Girls by P.N. Dedeaux
  • The Rites of Sodom by Jack Spender
  • Romance of Lust by Anonymous
  • Shades of Singapore (1994) by Angus Balfour
  • Shadow Lane by Eve Howard
  • Spring Fevers (1992) by Martin Pyx
  • Summer Frolics (1989) by Martin Pyx
  • Sundancer by Briony Shilton
  • The Tangerine by Edward Delaunay
  • The Tropic of Venus by Richard Manton
  • The Vicar's Girl by Anonymous
  • A Victorian Sampler edited by Richard Manton
  • A Weekend Visit by Anonymous

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