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Blushing is the physiological occurrence of temporary redness of the face as an emotional response. Blushing is best known to come from embarrassment, but can also come from being praised, or from some kind of romantic stimulation.

Blushing is caused by a widening of blood vessels under the skin. Blushing is more clearly visible in a light-skinned person. The person's face, especially the cheek areas, is most usually affected; in some people, the ears, neck and upper chest may also blush. As well as causing redness, blushing can sometimes make the affected area feel hot. Blushing is similar to the redness of a person's bottom that results from spanking.

Blushing is an unvoluntary physiological response. Feelings of guilt and shame (e.g. when being caught in a forbidden act) often cause blushing. Often, when a person realizes they are blushing, they blush even more. Blushing can also be considered "cute", or a sign of a good, unspoilt character. This may be the reason why women use rouge (also called blush or blusher in the UK) on their cheeks in make-up.


Flushing is similar to blushing, but flushing is more intense, extends over more of the body, and has different causes.

A person's face can also become red with anger, rage or physical exhaustion, but this is normally not called blushing. It is very common for a person being spanked to get not only a red and hot posterior, but also a red and hot face in the course of the proceedings. The reason for it can be embarrassment, physical exhaustion, or a combination of both.

Blushing in art and literatureEdit

Blushing is mainly found in cartoons, comics, manga, animated cartoons and anime.

Blushing is also often found in literature whenever the feelings of shame or embarrassment occur. It is a recurring meme in spanking literature.

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