Bobbie's DropSeats

Bobbie's DropSeats is a U.S. spanking company owned by former spanking actress Bobbie Tawse, located in Lancaster, California. They have a website that sells adult drop-seat pajamas and other bedtime fetish clothing and accessories for age play spankophiles.

Spanking videosEdit

Bobbie's DropSeats is also a spanking video producer under the name DropSeat Productions. The videos are F/F and M/F (plus one F/M Femdom title) which are listed, along with free preview video clips, in the adult portion of the web site. Bobbi no longer performs on camera, but her husband is featured in many of the M/F stories. Other well-known actresses who appear in her videos include Kailee, Clare Fonda, Chelsea Pfeiffer, Stephanie Locke, Sierra Salem, Julie Simone, Sinn Sage, and Lena Ramone.

A number of videos feature her line of drop-seat pajamas. Many stories are centered around scenes of age play humiliation (adults treated like children or babies) that include diapering, pacifiers, enemas, rectal thermometers, and mouthsoaping.

The website also features galleries of spanking art by the artists Underground Animation, Jay Em, Funraiser, Banjo and Ève.

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