A schoolie being a brat by cocking a snook at her teacher's back while he is busy at the blackboard.
Rendered art by Little Dragon Kid (2020).
A young brat sticking her tongue out at her father in nonverbal backtalk. Drawing by Mame (2017).

Brat is normally a derogatory term for an ill-mannered child, though with the right tone and circumstances it can be a term of endearment for a child that behaves mischievously but within bounds. Another type is the selfish and demanding "spoiled" brat, the result of overly permissive parenting. The term brat can refer to either a boy or a girl, it is not gender-specific.

The informal American English term military brat, on the other hand, refers to a child who has at least one parent that is in active military service, and does not imply behaviour in this context.

Brats in adult contextsEdit

In an adult-spanking or BDSM context, a brat is a bottom who unlike many subs does not explicitly ask for a spanking but will instead behave in a manner designed to provoke one. Such provocation might be a pre-established act that breaks a "rule" — possibly a rule which exists for the sole or primary purpose of being an excuse for the spanking; or the "bratting" can be generic provocative or "naughty" behaviour.

A person who engages in such general provocative behaviour is sometimes called a "Smart Ass Masochist" (or SAM), especially when the bottom is unattached and is using this method to find a play partner, at clubs or parties. Such behaviour is viewed unfavourably by a significant number of people in such venues.

A brat may also (pretend to) resist punishment, such that they need and want to be overpowered before their punishment can begin. (See also agonophilia.)

Brats may or may not also be age players.

Brats must take care that their antics don't push the wrong buttons and truly upset those they are playing with. Many Brats find it easier to play with other brats and spark off each other's antics, and therefore enjoy group play.

Verb and adjectiveEdit

To brat is to act in a manner characteristic of a brat, and particularly to deliberately engage in misbehaviour or provocative actions intended to provoke a spanking or other dominant response. People who do this are said to be "bratting", and some venues will have rules such as "No bratting" or "No excessive bratting".

The adjective bratty was first recorded in 1961.

Brats in spanking fictionEdit

In spanking stories, particularly ones following the "romance" formula to some degree, an adult or nearly adult (but often young) woman who acts so as to provoke or to deserve a spanking, or in an immature manner generally, is often referred to as a "brat".

Brats in spanking videosEdit

In erotic spanking videos, the brat (especially the spoiled brat), is a frequently used stock character in tales of domestic discipline. There is even a popular video producer named Punished Brats that specializes in these stories. There is also a F/F spanking pay site called Spank That Brat. However, since child protection laws were enacted in 1990, bratty "children" must be portrayed as legal adults, age 18 or older – usually a high school senior or college freshman.

One noteworthy exception is the three-part series The Naughty Schoolgirl, presumably made before 1990, by Impressions Video. Dana Specht plays an angry mother who continually punishes her spoiled, disobedient daughter (Alexandria Panos). Dressed in doll-like girlish outfits and speaking in a baby-talk lisp, Panos is clearly portraying a girl of 8 or 9 years old. This type of video could not be made today.

Other stories feature obviously mature brats well into their 20s or 30s forced to wear a humiliating school uniform or some other childish garb, such as drop-seat pajamas, as a prelude to their punishment. Two examples where adult brats have to put on school girl uniforms are Gia Regency in Spanked Bubble Butts (from Pacific Force) and Katie in Katie Visits Meryl (Nu-West/Leda Productions).

The premise behind these stories is always the same: anyone, regardless of age, who behaves like a bratty child deserves to be punished like one. Almost without exception, these videos start with an over the knee hand spanking just as a parent would discipline a child. This is generally followed by more child-like elements (babyish crying, scolding, promising to be a good girl/boy, writing lines, etc.), often culminating in corner time.

In the context of corporal punishment fantasy, particularly in a domestic setting, age is irrelevant. This creates another layer of role-play and/or age play humiliation to the proceedings that some may find more appealing than an actual adult/child scenario.

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The fictional cartoon character Bart Simpson's name was chosen by his creator Matt Groening as an anagram of "brat".

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