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Relatively round breasts which protrude almost horizontally.
BDSM bondage play scene.

The breasts are milk-secreting, glandular organs on the chest (upper front of the torso) of a woman. Breasts are the human mammary gland or a corresponding organ in other mammals. Also, a similar rudimentary gland in the male. Breasts typically play a role in sexual arousal of a partner. They may be small or hang in a pendulous manner. During sexual activity, the woman's breasts usually are bared and may be enjoyed as play-things. Each breast has a nipple or teat at the center for milking.

In consensual spanking, the breasts may be spanked. If a woman rides her man with his penis inserted in her, she may present her naked breasts to him. He may fondle, kiss, suck, bite or perhaps lightly spank them with his open hand. Such play is intended to heighten her sexual pleasure.

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