Brian Tarsis

Brian Tarsis is a contemporary professional U.S. artist (who also works in other creative areas, such as writing and video production) who specializes in bondage, S&M and spanking art. His artwork is mainly F/F and M/F.


Starting in 1987 Tarsis worked as the art director and editor for the magazine Bondage Life at Harmony Concepts. He also wrote, directed, and edited two bondage videos every month. It was here that he met his future wife Chelsea Pfeiffer. After three and a half years, he went to work for House of Milan (HOM Inc.) in Los Angeles, as a video editor of BDSM features. Within six months he was directing all the videos at HOM as well as its parent company London Enterprises. He created over 150 titles during the next six years.

It was during this period that he started to develop a real interest in spanking and met with Tony Elka and Eve Howard from Shadow Lane. Tarsis perfomed in several Shadow Lane videos and did spanking illustrations for their magazine Stand Corrected. This eventually led him to rediscover his love for doing magazines rather than videos. He got a new job working for B&D Pleasures doing comics and similar artwork, which he kept up for five years.

Today Tarsis has his own publishing company, Chastenwood Press, and can be contacted for custom artwork.

He was married to the spanking video producer and actress Chelsea Pfeiffer (Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment) for 14 years. He later remarried.

Graphic novels and comic anthologiesEdit

Brian Tarsis produced several graphic novels: City of Dreams, Daphne (out of print), Wormwood, Valeria, and two books of short-story comics (Tarsis Anthology Vol. 1 (out of print) and 2). He also wrote and illustrated a novella named The Long Cruel Winter.

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