Brides of Christ

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Brides of Christ was an Australian television miniseries produced by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation in 1991.

The series takes place behind the walls of a Sydney convent school and deals with the struggles of both the Roman Catholic nuns and the young students to adapt to the many social changes taking place within the church and the outside world during the 1960s.

Six fifty-minute episodes were made. Each episode focused on one of the main characters; many would appear in the other episodes in more supporting roles.

  • Episode One: Diane
  • Episode Two: Frances
  • Episode Three: Ambrose
  • Episode Four: Rosemary
  • Episode Five: Paul
  • Episode Six: Catherine

Spanking scenesEdit

There are two spanking scenes in Brides of Christ, both F/f. The first one is about half-way in episode two: Frances. Two girls, Frances and Bridget, get caught off bounds reading a book. The nun takes them indoors into an empty classroom and makes the girls stand in front of the teacher's desk. She orders them to turn around and bend over. With the girls thus positioned for corporal punishment, she asks a final question "Now will you tell me what you were really up to?" to which one of the girls replies "We have!". The nun then commences the punishment. The first girl gets three spanks with a big wooden ruler on her clothed bottom, which seem to be very painful and bring her to the edge of tears. Then it's the other girl's turn. She only gets one spank because the punishment is interrupted by another nun entering the room who tells the girls to go.

Later in the same episode, during a typewriting class, Frances is pulled up from her chair by her ear.

The second spanking scene is in episode four: Rosemary. It is just a single unceremonial impromptu smack, given to a girl during swimming class. The whole class is present, but no one seems to care much despite the fact that the smack was quite forceful and loud. Obviously such an impromptu smack by a teacher was no unusual occurrence.

The first spanking of the two girls can be seen in a video clip on YouTube.

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