A brother is a male sibling. Female siblings are called sisters.

The brother of a mother or father is an uncle to his nephews and nieces.

  • fraternal (adjective) - of or befitting a brother or brothers; brotherly.
Related forms
  • fraternalism (noun)
  • fraternally (adverb)

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Older brothers are sometimes left in charge of younger brothers and sisters (in the role of a babysitter, as it were), especially during times when the parents are both absent. They can also play a vital role in the discipline of their younger siblings, as the child is more likely to obey a big brother rather than a big sister, because of the brother's superior strength

In Japanese based references, Oniisan or Ani can refer to older brothers and otouto can refer to a younger brother.

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Fetish videos in which brother spanks sister.

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