Examples of female Japanese school sports uniforms. Early buruma style on right, newer style on left.
Another example.
A young girl getting spanked over an exercise ball in a gym by older girls wearing buruma, drawing by Mame (2018).

ブルマー (pronounced burumā) are a type of gym shorts mainly worn by girls in Japan for sports activities (e.g. PE). The garment was introduced in Japan as women's clothing for physical education in 1903.

The word buruma is a Japanese transliteration of the English word bloomers. However unlike bloomers in the western sense of the word, buruma are short (completely leg-less).

Many Westerners confuse Japanese buruma with panties since their designs are almost the same in Japan, but buruma are worn over panties, are a bit thicker, and come in bold colors such as navy blue, a color very popular in sports, school uniforms and sailor suits. They are often made of polyester and may or may not have a lining. Buruma are worn by girls only. Japanese boys, instead, wear more regular gym shorts.

Buruma are often eroticized because they are worn by schoolgirls and expose the entire legs. They are also popular for adult "schoolgirl" photography and cosplay.

Western gym knickersEdit

Similar gym shorts, also called gym knickers, are also found in Western countries, such as for playing netball.

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