Butt plug

A butt plug.
Butt plug - in toy box.

A butt plug is an anal sex toy. It is a plug designed to be inserted in the anus and to remain there by itself until it is removed.


Butt plugs are used by men and women alike, usually as as a sex toy for kinky play, for masturbation and sexual intercourse. In addition, they are also popular in BDSM to punish and/or humiliate the bottom. A third application is to use a butt plug to widen the sphincter of the anus before anal sex or before a bigger toy is inserted. When used in males, the tip of an inserted butt plug can press against their prostate, aiding in sexual arousal. Tapping or spanking the base of the inserted plug can further stimulate the prostate, but care must be taken not to compress or hit the prostate too hard.

If desired, a butt plug can be worn for hours under normal clothing. People who have done so did not report any negative side-effects. It is possible to sit (carefully) with a butt plug inserted, although this will increase the pressure and may be uncomfortable for some people.


A butt plug has a conic shape that allows the plug to be inserted relatively easily and without too great discomfort or pain. Once it is fully inserted, its shape ensures that the plug remains in place, held by the sphincter, until it is deliberately expelled. The base of a butt plug is flared so the plug can't accidentally slip completely inside.

As with any anal play, taking an enema before will make the activity cleaner, less smelly, and more hygienic.

A lubricant is always necessary to insert a butt plug. Gently turning the plug during insertion can help spread the lubricant better.

Butt plugs should not be used in the case of hemorrhoids or other anal problems.

A suitable harness or a rope harness with a crotch rope can be used to additionally hold a butt plug in place (see example  Warning:  ).

Types and materialsEdit

Butt plugs come in all kinds of material: soft, flesh-like materials such as rubber or silicone, but also hard materials such as stainless steel or polished stone (e.g. marble or granite). They come in different shapes, diameters and sizes. A common alternative shape the basic conic design, is a more dildo shape, but still with narrowed before the base design that allows for the plug to stay in.

Some special butt plugs have a built-in vibrator, or have a hole to be used as a kind of enema nozzle.

Butt plugs can also be carved from certain vegetables (pervertibles), for single use of course. However this is less safe than a commercial plug because a vegetable plug may have an imperfect shape (the slightest edges will cause pain and/or injury); besides, it can easily break off at the point where it is thinnest.

Butt plugs and spankingEdit

A bejeweled plug in a spanked bottom.
Alison needs regular spankings, but doesn't like a butt-plug in her tight pucker.
Embarrassing inspection: spanked cheeks and butt-plug.

It is possible to combine butt plugging with other kinky sexual activities such D/s, bondage, enemas, and/or spanking.

Light finger-taps (or vibrations) on the base of an inserted butt plug can be a pleasant erotic stimulant (see also anal spanking). However when spanking a person who has a butt plug inserted, the spanker must take great care not to accidentally hit the plug, which would be very unpleasant and could result in injury.

Butt plugging is mentioned in a few spanking stories. Sometimes the spankee is plugged up as an extra humiliation and punishment before he/she is spanked; sometimes a butt plug is used to delay the expellation of an enema ("to make sure that you don't have an accident").


A butt plug is removed by pressing, as if one was having bowel movement. Light pulling at the base end can support the removal, but it should not be attempted to pull out a plug without pressing from inside.

People who use a butt plug during masturbation or sex often find they are unvoluntarily expelling the plug when they reach orgasm, and the removal of the plug at this very moment enhances the orgasm.

If no enema was taken before, there will be often some excement sticking to the butt plug when it is removed and it will stink—which is a main reason for taking the enema before.


As soon as possible after use, the butt plug should be washed with warm water and soap. Disinfectants can also be used.

Some people recommend that anal toys never be shared by different people because one person's bowel bacteria, which may in part remain on the toy even after washing, can be harmful for another person. There is also a risk of transmitting other diseases if sex toys are shared.

It is possible to pull a condom over the plug before use for better hygiene.


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