Buttocks stuck in wall

Buttocks stuck in wall (壁尻 kabe shiri), literally: wall buttocks, on Pixiv translated as "ass stuck in wall") is a trope especially popular in Japanese BDSM fiction. It describes a scene—e.g. in a story, drawing, rendered art or animated cartoon—in which a character's body is passed through an opening in a vertical wall. The character's buttocks are on one side of the wall and their upper body is on the other side of the wall. Thus restrained, they can neither move forward nor backward out of this position.

As a short English keyword or hashtag, "stuckinwall" is sometimes used.


The character can be clothed, but in most works of this kind the character is either fully or at least partly naked. In this humiliating position of bondage, the character can be subjected to punishment (e.g. spanking), anal masturbation, (anal) rape, masturbation and/or other abuse. The character is unable to defend themselves and unable to see who is doing what to them as their face is on the other side of the wall.

This type of bondage is technically related to the pillory, the stocks and the canque, and differs from these in that it is focused on the buttocks and genital area. Psychologically, the wall facilitates the objectification and dehumanization of the character by showing only a certain part of their body, effectively "reducing" them to this part, and hiding other parts, especially their face.


  1. The character's waist is passed through a hole so that their buttocks, genitals and legs are on one side of the wall and their chest, arms and head are on the other side of the wall. The character can be standing or their feet can be dangling.
  2. Only the character's buttocks and genitals are passed through the hole, but their legs are on the same side as their upper body. The character is forced into a kind of vertical knee-chest position.
  3. Like #2, but the character's hands and feet are also passed through other holes.

How to get in (and out again)?Edit

Most artworks of this type leave it unclear how the character got into the position: Is the opening in the wall of a kind that can be made bigger and smaller? The pillory, stocks and canque solve this with a hinge that opens and closes the hole(s). But a hinge moving the entire half of a room-high wall would be technically difficult if not impossible. Cartoon physics, science fiction (unknown future or alien technologies) or fantasy (magic) could be employed as a device to solve the question, but probably most artists and viewers don't care too much, as it is a work of fiction anyway.

The question of how the character will eventually get out of their restraint is even less addressed.

It is likely that the "buttocks stuck in wall" concept is already used in real life by BDSM practitioners and adult video producers. Most of these will probably typically use a hinge mechanism of some sort, and the wall will probably be typically smaller than room-high to permit a hinge mechanism to work in an indoor setting (e.g. a BDSM dungeon). Such practical and smaller devices could be called waist pillory, waist stocks, waist canque or similarly.

A real room-high wall with a mechanism to open and close a (preferably padded) hole could be built without too great effort, though.


Book illustration by Carlo (c. 1935).

The concept has long been used for humorous purposes in non-adult contexts, such as animated cartoons for family audiences. For example, the Tom and Jerry cartoons Sufferin' Cats! (1943) and The Unshrinkable Jerry Mouse (1964).

The concept is also found in vintage erotic drawings, such as the example by Carlo from c. 1935.