Drawing from Hänsel und Gretel by Wilhelm Busch (1864).

Cages are a common form of restraint. Cages are normally cubes or cylinders made of metal bars, mesh or wire, sometimes with a barred ceiling or floor. Cages have one or more openings, which can be locked.

Traditionally, cages are used to transport wild animals, captives or prisoners.

Cages in BDSMEdit

"Strenge Dressur" (Strict Training), artwork by Richard Hegemann.

In BDSM, cages are often used to hold slaves or otherwise show dominance. Sometimes they are used in nightclubs for dancers, as cage dancing has developed into its own genre. Sometimes, models are placed in cages at events, which both keeps viewers out of physical range and often adds to their allure.

Types of cages used in BDSM:

  • Puppy cage
  • Upright cage
  • Gibbet cage

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