Camp Torowa Falls

Camp Torowa Falls is a novel-length series of stories about a fictional bible camp for evangelical Christian boys in the Adirondack Mountains of New York State in the United States. Corporal punishment is in frequent use for naughty campers at this camp. The author, Bobby Watson, began writing the Camp Torowa Falls stories in 2005.

Camp Torowa FallsEdit

The original series was written in 2005, and the stories take place in the summer of 1963. Camp Torowa Falls follows the adventures of Corey Lane and Jerry Farnham, the 12-year-old primary characters. Corey and Jerry join with their cabinmates from Fox Cabin to have many adventures and misadventures, all of which seem to end up with somebody (or everybody) getting spanked. In addition to spankings, the boys suffer quite a bit of humiliation - some of it fairly heavy.

Originally intended as a short series of stories, Camp Torowa Falls eventually grew to 15 chapters and more than 98,000 words, becoming the author's first spanking novel.

Camp Torowa Falls 1964Edit

The second series of stories featuring Corey Lane and Jerry Farnham was begun by the author in May 2006. The early chapters find Jerry visiting Corey in his small hometown in eastern Pennsylvania in the summer of 1964. The boys are now 13-years-old, but are still finding ways of getting into trouble.

In August 2008, the final chapters were published after a nearly 2-year hiatus. These chapters told the story of what happened once Corey and Jerry made it to camp for the 1964 camping season. The completed story of Camp Torowa Falls 1964 had 19 chapters which totalled more than 109,000 words, becoming the author's second spanking novel.

Camp Torowa Falls BlogEdit

In 2006, Bobby Watson started a blog at Livejournal to discuss the Camp Torowa Falls stories. Here Bobby announces the progress on new chapters as well as future plans for the series. Fans can ask questions about the existing chapters.