Cel shading

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Example of cel shading: The Animepedia logo.
Example of cel-shaded spanking art by Gauis Marius.

Cel shading is a colorization technique in which black lineart (inked or digitally drawn) is filled with 'solid' colors. This means that the colored areas never have any gradients or textures. Shades and highlights can be used, but there are distinct borders between different shades of the same color within an area.

This colorization style is simple, non-photorealistic and often used in cartoons, comics/manga, and animation/anime. The name cel shading comes from the clear sheets of acetate, called cels, that are painted on for use in traditional 2D animation, such as Disney classics. Despite the style's simplicity, there is an art to cel shading when shades and highlights are used.

Cel shading is also very popular in video games and computer games.

Modern 3D renderers often come with a special mode in which the scene is rendered in a cel shading style.

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